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  • Abstract

    The main objective of the project is to design the conceptual scheme of a research infrastructure supporting the networking of centres for high-quality research in Slavic lexicography, fostering their scientific capacity, integrating their digital resources and opening them up to the European academic community. The project will provide strategies for the coordination, unification and extension of existing digital lexical resources and the creation of new ones, in accordance with the recent advances in the field and the international standards. This will ensure their reusability and interoperability, so that researchers in humanities and social sciences as well as business will have easy access to digital bi- and multilingual dictionaries of Slavic languages. Thus the project will contribute to preserving and supporting the multilingual and multicultural European heritage. In more distant perspective we envisage the creation of a general lexical data base with the possibility of searching entries in any Slavic language, with information on the words' etymology and correspondences in all Slavic languages and in English. The data base will possess a rich system of links between forms and meanings of words in synchrony and diachrony. An interactive Web portal will enable the supervised extension of the data base by the end users (Wiki-style) and ensure fast growth and relevance to the users' needs. The partners in the project are research organisations from six European countries whose six national languages belong to the Slavic group: Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. All partners are national centres for high-quality research in lexicography and digital resources. Each partner is responsible for coordinating a part of the work matching their specialisation and experience. The six thematic working groups are designed as fora for discussing specific parts of the project, and the work programme provides a detailed break up of the task in time.

    Concept and project objectives

    The multidisciplinary character of this project consists in uniting the effort of linguistic and ICT communities, applying up-to-date techniques of processing dictionary systems (information theory of lexicographic systems) and using state-of-art network technologies for information exchange between task groups. The project will lay the foundations for further cooperation, set up and elaborate a methodology of interaction of remote research groups and coordination of formats of lexicographic resources.

    The project MONDILEX will achieve its main objective by:

    · providing a new conceptual scheme for networking and cooperation of remote research groups from the partner countries and making it possible to accelerate the preparation and to enhance the quality of both digital and traditional multilingual dictionaries;

    · investigating the features of ICT-based infrastructures (such as Knowledge Grid) for implementation of a network of linguistic resources according to the specific requirements of its functionalities;

    · studying the partners' experience and good practices in the production of digital mono- and bilingual dictionaries and corpora in Slavic Languages and applying their expertise towards the design of a common research infrastructure which will support and develop multilingual digital linguistic resources;

    · addressing the problems of the dynamics of the research, development and maintenance of multilingual digital dictionaries and the application of innovative solutions, including the necessary theoretical framework and technological tools;

    · endowing the projected network of digital linguistic resources with facilities for opening these resources, making them widely accessible and usable not only by scholars of all disciplines and by education, but also by business and social communications.